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INSPECTORS HOME WATCH is owned and founded by Don and Tina Verardi. Both are coming from Germany with their 3 children, one dog and 2 rabbits a few years ago.

Don is speaking English, German and Italian and Tina is speaking English and German.

Don was a law enforcement officer in Germany where he taught his colleges in self-defense as well.

Additionally he helped his parents- in- law with their glaziers company  in customers homes and on construction sites.

Since he is living in Florida he is a very professional and requested home inspector for the south west Florida area. 

His home inspection clients often asked him if he knew a good home watch company or if Don could look after their homes, because they value his work and trust him.

With his wife Tina, who loves working with houses and their owners as well,  they added INSPECTORS HOME WATCH to her Real Estate Business.

Tina was a flight attendant and a esthetician with her own SPA.

She grew up in her parents glazing company where she learned the world of business and accuracy very early, what it means to be there for the client and the office work. As a flight attendant she learned how to be there for the passengers wishes, taking care of them and organize everything in a professional way. After a few years of flying she established her own SPA where her job as a CEO was to meet customer needs, quality treatments, the marketing, decoration, organization and the training for new students in her Spa.

In Germany she started working with houses and sold her own house and finding new tenants for her former apartments. Her passion are houses and everything around it to help the clients houses keep protected, clean and decorated.

Working with houses is what she enjoys to do. That's why Tina is as well an Realtor in Florida.

They traveled a lot in Europe and within the States and they know how it is to leave the house alone and where to go with their pets. Made thoughts who can watch after their house and taking good care of their pets.

Both love to work with people, houses and to help them with what they can do best: Taking care and protecting houses and helping clients with their wishes. That they can leave their property relaxed and get it back safe and clean.

Because protect houses and to make their owners happy is what they love to do!

It's not a job, it's their passion.

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